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Ode to the common people

Ode to the common people

I have such respect for the "ordinary people".

I like their simplicity.

I like their well cut grass

and Sunday barbecues

Especially the American bunch.

Despite all my judgements and POV,

I like them.

There is a sense of ease, and grace and life is good.

Even and especially when it isn't.

And yes people can say it's fake and whatnot…

But it can be real.

I have such respect for the common people.

For their marriages and their kids and white fences.

And soccer games, that I do not really like.

And even baseball, that I don't really understand.

I have such respect for the common


Maybe, because on some level, on some days, I wish I could be just like them.

And have a simple life;

a life which I was ultimately not made for and have not chosen.

Still, I have such respect and love

for the common people.

And I bless them and I ask them, that they bless me.

There is beauty in the simplicity of the random chatter of Sunday barbecue behind a white fence....

if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

I pray that you do, and I hope you are blessed by the greatness of the high blessing of

the common


who are ultimately, anything else but


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