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On Respect

On Respect

Respect is something that you hardly notice when it is there, but you notice it immediately when there is an absence of it.

It is the glue and the substance that allow society to work.

Since I came to Iceland, I have met people of various lifestyles, values, metaphysical ideas, and whatnot.

I have decided consciously to take the stance of non-judgment, no matter what I thought or felt about any particular thing.

And it worked.

Having no particular POV while at the same fully standing in what I AM and being clear on my boundaries and preferences has worked like a dream.

Under the condition that you have mature individuals or at least individuals committed to their growth, many bumps on the road can be avoided or even overcome.

You will not know what healing mountains people have climbed and what they are still climbing unless you show respect and gentleness.

And they won't tell you until they feel safe.

And feeling safe is a subjective feeling, but without respect as a necessary condition, we can't even start.

It is a learning curve, and you learn as you go, and nobody is perfect.

But I am grateful for the gentle teaching the land of Ice and Fire has offered to me.

With so much LOVE and gentleness

I have not felt in a long


I wish everyone who comes with respect and awe of the Magic of the Land would the opportunity to feel, learn and take in.

the same.


Samo Bohak

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