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Yes I forgive myself,

for trying to make something,

that obviously wasn't going to work,

to work.

It is just who I am

A hopeless romantic,

a stubborn ram,

and a God crazed celt/Slav/Viking,

Depends on the day of the week.

When I find Beauty

and Purity,

I find it challenging

to let go.

As any poet would.

Every poet needs a muse.

But most poets needs time alone

and silence,

and space wot give birth to whatever,

needs to be born,

And that requires a large dose

of solitude.

And luckily,

Eire can provide that.

As She always has.


my poetry transcends space and time,

and sometimes it is just:

“I had bad day, week, moth, year”

kinda thing.

I bless myself and all of my selves,

and may the gentle glowing flowers,

on the trees of Healingtree:

bring peace to Beauty

and and may Beauty

give us all

the long desired :


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