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Prayer of Gratitude

Prayer of Gratitude

"Your deepest reflection is your greatest protection." Dr. Mumbi Seraki

Gratitude is an underrated prayer

I was listening to Sai Maa this morning and she spoke of Gratitude.

And how we can create an inner prayer of Gratitude.

So this is my prayer (the outer version) :

I am grateful for this sacred body.

I am grateful for my mind, which

is relatively stable.

I am grateful for the people who read my poems and buy my books.

I am grateful for my teachers.

I am grateful that I have two legs.

I am grateful for the knowledge of the I AM.

I am grateful for the training and my sensei.

I am grateful for my mother and the food I got from her.

I am grateful for the singing bowl that I will use more often.

I am grateful for Tu Lam, a green beret who, despite the hell he went through

choose peace.

Even if and when his job is to wage war and do it effectively.

There are many ways to choose peace.

Writing poetry.

Sitting still.

Protecting the innocent.

Deciding to elevate this lifetime by cleansing it of all the madness of your ancestors

and realrealizingising

it is NOT yours to carry.

Find your way.

Find your prayer of


And little one, re-member the old ancient Kabballah teaching:

If something is not grounded in real life, no matter how lofty and shining it might seem.

it does not really count



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