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"You can blow out a candle But you can't blow out a fire Once the flames begin to catch The wind will blow it higher"

Biko, Peter Gabriel song.

I am the one in many and many in One.

My words are the breath of Dragons.

My poems are vehicles of Dharma.

My speech is the speech of the High one.

My silence is the silence, of a thousand aweakening souls.

I am the voice of my ancestors yet to come.

I am the smile of my grandmothers, with their prayers of Power.

I am, the sword of Manjushri.

I am the Healing Power of Bruno.

I am the smile and the Whip of the Teacher.

I am the ray of sun, following only and solely Creators command.

As a wise man said once :

Respect existence or expect resistence.

I am the resistance.

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