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On Neccesities and viccisitude of LIfe

You have to take this into account.

You will be off the charts.

You will be so far off any chart; not only will the map not match the territory.

There will be no map, and there will be no territory.

At least not in a way

You would construct it by your mind.

All constructs and constructions you have created,

will fall away.

And dissolve

And you WILL be left on the open sea of Awareness

with nothing to trust in But God.

And hoping you will be able to master the WInds.

And even though, or precisely because, you are charting new territory for others to follow

You will be judged, ostracized, and attacked.

Quite viciously.

Directly and subtly.

By people with small minds and big fears.

Not all of them are malicious.

But dangerous nevertheless.

And you will have to bear it all


As a wise man once said.

YOu do not need to meet them for coffee.

Or shake hands unless you need to.

But, you can love them from afar.

And learn from the really great ones.

The ones from the holy city, that walk in streets full of beauty, yet holding such darkness

One cannot speak of.

OR the ones from the other sacred ground, who daily live, survive and thrive in a desert,

defying impossible odds and occupation by those who are doomed to repeat the trauma that was inflicted upon them.

And many other places that I know not about.

Like THe Dreamers of the Southern Mountains, dreaming of a new world into being.

Ot the inhabitants of the Oaken Town, who shine Beauty through remnants of madness

and persevere in Love, defying impossible odds,

with honor, respect, faith, and Beauty.

And as you think of those great Masters,

your struggle will seem like a gust of fresh wings coming to take away

What was stale and stagnant and needed cleaning anyway.

And maybe, one day,

you will no longer shiver and tremble at every single rub

of the Divine Purifier

Who is simply doing its


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