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Recommendations (Spiritual teachings)

I would wholeheartedly recommend these institutions and individuals to those who feel drawn to them.

Trust you discernment.

May you be guided to what brings you most joy and Light! Ger Lyons (My teacher of core and cellular healing, Celtic spirituality and basically everything : ) ) THE MAN! :) My two good friends Petra and Uroš Dobnikar, founders of the School of Light, I translated their book School of Light (available on amazon) Through my friend Dr. Ann Donnelly. A guide and high initiate in the Modern mystery school I know her personally and would trust her with my life. Tammy Bergen. my friend and teacher of Runes and Northern Mysteries. I would highly recommend her! My long year friend, a high initiate of the Tibetan, Slavic and other traditions. Check her site! She is amazing! Sai Maa is a global humanitarian, spiritual teacher and Jadghuru (firs woman to hold this title in known history) . I have been privileged to be able to offer diksha through her. (you can learn to do it for free on her website) Matej is my martial arts teacher, a Shining being of Light , a healer, spiritual teacher and the voice of our ancestors. I have known him for about a decade, he is embodied gentleness and pure strength.

Shaykh Sayed Nurjan Mirahmadi, a lineage holder in the Naqshbandi Sufi Order.

I have been following his lectures throughout the lock-down. Especially for Muslims, but open to anyone. He graciously offers his teachings on youtube for all, Muslim or non Muslim. My friend and teacher Vishnu. She is a Woman of Power, Strength and integrity. An accomplished healer, businesswoman and a kind, gentle but fierce person, an incarnation of JOY. Creator :)

(there are more, but some prefer not to be in the public limelight , I can however, if it is needed and appropriate,refer you to them)

More to come soon!

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