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Satanic whispers

Satanic whispers

It was just a test

of character.

It was just what it was.

And you can' really know

what it was really, yet.

Tt is much to soon for that.

You can make reflection,

as you daily,

make your connection.

But your genius little mind,

will draw you away,

from the present moment.

And that only hurts the heart

as She said once.

And it is only your grave,

you should be worried about,

as the golden once said this morning.

And it has little to do,

with guilt and shame,

and blame,

and all the other,

satanic whispers.

That are more or less


as someone you respect said once

Do what you have to do,

so you can do what you need to do,

and be who you not to be,

so you can come as you are.

And meet Life

on it's own terms.

Because ALL of life comes to you

with love, joy and glory

And if you can hold it all,

and not loose too much sleep over it.

It's a first step

on a long road

to maturity.

Shine little one

it's just the Beloved


on you heart.

Open up

and serve tea.

And invite the fairies

to sit at your table

and don't





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