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So what?

So what?

So what if the world is falling apart

Or so it seems

It was about time

And every birth is painful.

So what, if your life seems

to be

in of its alchemical phases,

which you not so much fancy.

It is the Way of things,

and it serves nobody and nothing

to argue with the sky.

So what if nothing is certain,

All is mixed.

Nothing solid.

And the centre does not hold.

It never did.

And has long been time,

to do away with that


So what if delusions of grandeur,

yours and collective,

burn in the Fire of Truth?

Fall on your knees,


without drama or showmanship,

this time.

And give your respect

to the present moment.

Where you will find God and all the Gods

and more.

And smile

For yours is the everlasting minute

and more

You will be a Man

My Son!

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