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Soul retrieval

Soul retrieval

I invoke the old gods

and the One from which they all came.

The One before the Name.

The All-mighty

begetting the power and majesty

of all might.

Who created

all the vegivsirs

and helms of awe,

and minds of men,

and men of minds.

Whose command, the smallest ant,

and the greatest mountain,

readily do heed.

I am nothing,

and I am way too much,

for such a phrase to say.

And yet I yearn,

for the shelter of the sacred night

and the coming of the light of day.

Show me ya, rabbi,

who I am

and who I am yet to become.

The world is birthing,

and the times we live,

second are

to none.

For the Love of the Beloved,

for all the fairy of the tales

and make believe:

Now is the time,

we have all awaited,

and it is our souls

we must


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