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The Call of the Wild

You have to get back to the magic of the woods

and the fairies and elves and the elementals.

You have to find a way back

to the place where the ancient rocks speak

and Silence is your Mother tongue.

And the ancient whispers of language almost dead, but not forgotten, are heard

if you can be silent enough

to really Listen...

You have to go back

to the Land, you could call your ancestral Home,

but is much more than that.

You have to go back

To the Sacred Silence

and let it empower, illuminate, embolden and inseminate

your Spirit.

You are giving birth to Magic of a New kind

as is every person on this gentle, broad, sacred holy Mother Earth

And even if you do not truly understand allowing...

The Fireflies and the Falcons are full flying you


The Mystery.

Just allow the Wind to take you


And gentle one

it is not the mistakes that count

it is the


and the Love,Wisdom, and compassionate Truth that is born from

the Journey.

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