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The Circle

The Circle

A space to cry.

A space to be.

A space to let your burdens leave.

A space to sit,

a space to lie.

a space where you let your ego to die.

A space in (a) space.

A safe space, for yourself, your demons to face,

a space to uplift the One Human race.

A space of light,

a space of your innermost Might.

A space of love,

a sacred Grove,

a space to connect with the One Above.

A space to go in,

A space to spread yourself thin,

and a space where your life you

you may


A space of no judgment,

a space of no "sin",

a space to end and a space to begin.

Come if you are,

come if you must,

come is this is your passion, and this is your lust.,

Come and see,

come and be

come, come, come

and set yourself


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