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The Dream

The Dream

He was living the dream.

Not the American dream, not the dream of wealth and fame, nor the Slovenian dream.

The average dreams of his country, as cute as they were, were waaaay too small for him.

He honored the ancestors, and he was grateful to his family for providing a bedrock on which he was to build HIS dream.

As weird as it may seem.

It made sense to him,

Handing out wooden trinkets of Magic, lighting candles, saying prayers to God, all the gods, as he was going from place to place, opening himself to the Speech of the Great One, whispering or roaring the Glory of the Creator.

He could not have imagined any better or even another way to live.

The Gods have offered him chances, and he took them, as Bukowski instructed him to.

He was yet to sleep on a park bench, which he would not fancy in Iceland but would do so if needed.

He knew that a lot of wisdom that came from that wise bearded, wrinkled sage was precious but a bit dated.

He did not need to carry the trauma of his ancestors; it served nothing.

And he was learning to really live what Uncle A was saying, that it is simply their stuff.

And they would have wanted him to not only surpass but go completely beyond what they could have dreamt of.

This was the sacred, holy, and precious duty of every soul that came next in line :

To go further than anyone before ever could.

If that was not achieved, the incarnation was more or less in vain.

And he was willing, and he was ready, and he was going not only to do it but tell the story of how it can be done.

If one is brave and crazy enough to try.

For there is nothing more powerful in this world than a good story,

And the bard is the magician of words that come from deeds, residing in the Great Mystery.

He was in the MYstery, he was living the mystery, and he was going to squeeze out of it every bit of Magic he could.

Not for himself.

But for his People and for ALL the People of the world.

It was truly time to spread the Rainbow Arch from Reykjavik to Maui.

From the Land of Ice and Fire to the ISland of Aloha, which needs it


And he was always there to answer the Call.

This is what all the learning, all the training, and All of the Magic has always been


Dear all this is a chapter from my Novel Journeys of an and Elf.

If you like it, you can order it as it is being writte, join my patreon

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