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The good fight

The good fight

I get it,

no I really get.

I get the Partisan, who took up arms, to protect what is sacred to him

And get the other guy, who took up arms, to protect what he thought was sacred.

And they had to fight, and they had no (or very little) choice.

Not really.

They had to be and stand up for what the thought what was right.

And every family in my land, has had people on both sides.

And there is a lot of healing that will be needed, so we can start walking

in the direction of peace

and love.

What I don't get

are the manipulators, the opportunists, the apparatchiks,

who believed in nothing,

and betrayed everything

including themselves.

I heard a wise man said once, that once should avoid people with evil beliefs…,.

but one should fear people with NO belief.

No, I am not talking about religion.

It is basic dignity.

You either have it

Or not.

It cannot be bought, or sold, lost nor found.

It is there,

and it defines who you


So my friend: Who are you?

and more importantly :

who do you want

to become?

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