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The Healing Tree

The Healing Tree

Healing can look like different things

to different people

at different times.

It can be shouting,



Or sitting in silence.

with merely a tear.

Or a smile of the buddha

on one's face.

It is good not to judge


or others.

For one can

(God forbid)

lose a leg.

or one can lose a heart.

And you can't tell who suffers more.

We are all different creatures,

different plants,

different trees.

But we all draw healing from the same source.

Find your own healing,

said my teacher to me once.

And I did.

And I still get hurt.

And I still cry

And I still wonder and wonder.

But I know,

the Path is always there for me.

And if I choose,

I can always:

Sit in the shade

of the tree of the farthest boundary,

as the Prophet called it.

Or climb Yggdrasil,

or the Tree of LIfe.

Which is ultimately : my very own little



Why seek anything less than full enlightenment?

No matter the price.

All else is a cop off :)

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