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The Journey

The Journey

I remember a decade ago, as I was listening to people talking about brains in a vat and this and quality or qualite or whatever the world wasm and something just didn't feel right.

I was interested and excited about finding out new things about Beaty, or Love or Truth, but all this tinkering with little screws of this or that algebra just didn't feel right.

But I went for it anyway.

I thought I didn't know enough; let me listen to these really smart people and see where it goes.

And here and there, I would write a paper (which I absolutely hated) or a poem, which I thought wasn't any good.

And so life went on, one paper at a time, on exam at a time…

But it was boring and dead.

Apart from the debates after the classes, where we tried to save the world, and find out how to enact justice and equality and other big ideas.

So, we protested, and I wrote articles and was told they were too essayistic, and when I wrote papers, I was told they were not scientific enough.

I didn't bother to show the poetry to anyone since it was "just poetry."

How wrong I was.

I did not know that later on the road, all the philosophical concepts will become useless as LIFE decides to take over.

This is my adventure.

Stay tuned, there is more than meets the eye...

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