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The Neverending Story

Always do your magic first,

And then have coffee.

And be ready to face the Truth daily.

The uncomfortable thoughts, the things you do not want even to think, let alone talk about.

The dog is not there currently.

The injustices in the world.

The things you messed up and are still dealing with the aftermath.

And before you jump to all is well, or I am too busy to deal with it...

Acknowledge the emotions.

Sit with what is there.

Do not drown in it...

Float in the Great sea of Consciousness, in which the Great Masters Swim with skill

and the Lady of Skillful Means watches over.

Fly with the Dakinis.

Smile back at the Buddhas of the present, future, and past

and asked the Blue one, to show you the Way.

Explore all traditions, return to your own, discard what no longer serves you, ask some of your ancestors,

to step back and let you live your life, and others, to step in and support, guide and protect you

on the Path Beyond the Ordinary.

And in the paths that are very


And then, day by day, breath by breath, one good day of work after another

Allow the Great Silence

to take you deeper.

YOu have not come this far to only come this far.

Allow all that is not you, to be burned in the fire of Truth

and may the ring of fire,

eclipse all the shadows and skeletons you are still hiding in your closet..

so you can allow your next Grand Adventure

to begin.

And joyous one!

Why so sad?

Sadness is the refuge of fools, suffering is for those who dnot yet know LOVE, LIfe is awaiting, and Love is always ready to wellcome you with open arms..

And someone who is dragged from ignorance into awareness by the Crazy Wisdom

(though often more crazy than wise)

has about 3759201 reasons to be dancing with joy


And then add a few extra

himself :)

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