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The Power of Nightmares

The Power of Nightmares

We have been sold nightmares.

Serially, consecutively, intentionally.

By a borg conglomerate of poeple who call themselves leaders.

Deluded as they are, and as much their hearts are closed... we have a much bigger problem.

The problem is that nighmares (even if they come true and they usually don't) are not a fertile ground for growing dreams.

Dreams of a better future, dreams of a higher Love, dreams of innovation and the infinite expanse ; a human mind desperately needs to be able to imagine a better tommorow.

And if it can't, it does not have long shelf life.

I believe in the power and Beauty of my dreams, despite, or particularly BECAUSE of all the nightmares the AI controlled machine is throwing at us daily.

A wise man, Alan Curtis, more than a decade ago made an awesome documentary on the power nightmares. (

He saw what was coming.

It got worse.

So we are here to make it


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