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The Predicament

Yes, it is all going to hell.

And yes, it is heaven that is being birthed on Earth.

And yes, the Planet (and all the planets, really) has gone crazy.

And yes, all is well in all of Creation.

We have to learn to live with paradoxes and uncertainties.

And not even a really smart guess will get us far.

It is time for trust, and it is time for surrender.

It is time to fly on the Wings of the Magic Dog from the Neverending Story.

And it is time.

For us to step out of time

And see what could happen.

When we drop all, we know.


With no hesitation,

Like a woman giving herself to her lover completely.

Like the Earth receiving the rain.

Like the Moon, which simply trusts the Sun

And the gentle bond of trust between the Father and the Son.

It is time we go beyond.

And beyond the Beyond.

And sit in that place.

And rest in that space.

And even if the Sun was to rise to the west.

The Gentle keepers of Presence firmly but gently glide with and lean into

The Way.

Happy hunting magic ones.

The Trunk of the Elephant

will guide you


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