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The True Face of Prayer

The True Face of Prayer

Sometimes you have to pray to the Almighty God.

Whatever you would have him /her/ it to be.

It matters not.

Not really.

And it needs to be an active, living, mystic prayer.

Knowing you are nothing really, a speck of dust in the wind.

And you need a higher power, to guide you.

(it is not really separate from you, but that is details)

You call for it,

not because you are afraid, or weak or dependent.

On the contrary, because you are wise enough, to know, you don't know everything.

And you never will.

And no matter how well trained or skilled you are.

Unpredictable things will and do happen.

And you need help from the Beyond.

And if you make your prayer real and sincere and expect nothing...

And if it be his will..

Magical things can happen.

And often do.

For he shall give his angels charge over thee.

So you can go and be an angel for someone


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