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Treasure seeker

Treasure seeker

He knew the Treasure was within himself,

But he also knew it takes keys to open up the locks,

And the keys were found wherever he went,

In the majestic landscape of Iceland,

In the smile of men and women, he met.

In the silence after the eruption of the volcano,

In the decision to drop it all and start again, no matter what,

No matter the cost, no matter the price.

The Keys were in rocks.

The keys were in the Sea.

The keys were in the Pure Water of the Land of Ice and Fire.

The Keys were in the hidden silences that he had to catch before they dissolved into the vast openness from whence they came.

The keys were in overcoming the resistance, the clutches of circumstance, and the annoying voices of worry telling him he is not Vast enough to even survive, let alone succeed.

But despite it all

He knew he had to go, and he knew he would succeed.

He knew, despite knowing that there were no guarantees.

He will do whatever it takes for him to embody what he came here to embody,

And leave the rest.

To the Norns, the Gods, the Ancients ones, and the All-might creator of ALL Things.

For a riddle was given to him.

And his life was to become the answer to it.

He was to live out the mystery of his own Existence.

And turn into


And he was more than willing to try and/or die to himself daily a thousand million times.

If needed.

There is no greater sin, and perhaps the only one, but to betray who you ARE.

He would stay true to that covenant.

no matter the cost

no matter the


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