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Twilight before dawn

Twilight before dawn

I need my morning half manic half depressive moods that leave me in about of two hours poetry, rage, mage and madness.

I need my morning silence and being left alone.

Completely and utterly.

And jumping through memories, feelings, junk and jewels found in the subconscious.

The hometown I can never stay too long in and all the homes I have allowed myself to have.

And all the places in between.

And sometimes I follow the Gypsy fair queen and sometimes I follow the writings of Muhammad and sometimes I follow the Pathless path and sometimes I follow the ramblings of my mind.

But I follow the path till the and.

I never stop walking.

And it is a way i manage to come back to myself


If you are a manic madman.

Like me.

Give it a shot.

It might help 😊

p.s. all the characters are made up, including myself. Nothing is real so everything is permitted.

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