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Unholy War on Holy Ground

On madness of War, a kabbalistic prayer, and lack of re-solutions

"Most of the time, most humans are lying to themselves,

Scared of the Light, scared of Enlightenment.

This is fear.


In that Contraction, there is no authenticity."

Sai Maa

He listened to this song as he was slaving away a job in Germany, he was neither qualified nor ready to work for.

And later on in a German town near the Netherlands, with a crazy group of co-workers and a psycho boss, with whom he started a war, by just not being afraid and making a joke, and then paid a price for it.

He listened to it before, coming back from a country, where he got involved in a messy affair, that he was completely unaware of the consequences.

He heard it for the first time as a wise woman, that saved his sorry ass from things, that people really should not be doing to each other.

But for some reason, The Almighty allowed for character development, or a lesson or something.

He was obsessed with Jewish culture even before he knew any of that spiritual stuff.

he wanted to learn as he could while studying everything else, and that led to burnout,

He had a crush on a Beautiful Jewish girl and then went out for a walk once, which he thought was a date.

He forgot what happened after it.

Of yes, he burned out, his life fell apart, he lost everything, and then the Journey started...

His life was full of twists and turns, and last-moment saving graces.

Had he not been under some form of constant divine protection, he would not have been alive anymore.

And that is not a poetic expression.

It is a simple fact.

So basically, if he ever needed proof of God's existence... (not that proofs serve anything really, but that is material for another story)

Him, still walking the earth would be one.

And he kept it playing as another bloody war was started by traumatized people, who bombed other traumatized people and thus perpetuated the cycle of trauma, that caused the whole mess in the beginning.

And where did it start?

Who knows, thousands, maybe ten thousand of years ago.

He did not know.

He did not want to take sides, as the Cosmic Joker said it was a distraction.

However, a famous Jewish philosopher insisted one should ALWAYS take the side of the oppressed.

he did not know.

he tried with some prayers and light and hopefully, he can add a dime or six to help those who are guilty of nothing and pay the highest price.

He will do what he can, but his efforts will probably be a drop in the sea.

But perhaps, The Eternal and the Nameless beyond all names, may, with his strong right hand, balance the scales.

It is a good thing the Creator does not take sides, he thought to himself.

And went to bed with a prayer for all those who suffer.

And at least, a hope, that nobody may suffer in vain,

And that this truly, as the Cosmic JOkerman said, IS the last of the wars in this place held sacred by so


Dear reader, this is part of a modern eternal Novel in the Making: Journeys of an Elf. If you would like to support my creations feel free to do so on my PayPal:

or this time actually support those innocents caught up in the madness.

Thank you

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