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War and Peace

And often you have to fight wars that you were not the cause of.

And you really have no interest in fighting.

And you would much rather avoid.

And you are not really so much into wars.

It is just something that needs to be done, knowing full well the absurdity of it all.

And that it will last too long, and there will be dead on both sides and nobody is really right or wrong.

It is just a thing humans do.

Because they do not know themselves.

But you are not here to preach to those without eyes to see or ears to hear.

You do what is needed, as long it is needed and then turn back your attention to Aeternal things.

And hope, that the Light will find a way to those with closed hearts.

And maybe you write poetry, and create art and spend time in Nature.,

And watch what needs to play to play out.

And you train,

And you feed the children.

And you love People.

ALL the people.

You find a way to Love your enemies, even and especially when you have to fight them.

For they are not really your enemies.

Just friends you have not yet had the wisdom, courage, and love to know as.

Dear Mighty One!

Stand in who you are and know that the true Church is the one built in your heart daily

and of that, Yeshua spoke,

and the Gates of Hell shall not defeat it.

Nor will the millions of outer and inner demons.

For you know, as the strong Man said: Our Lady's Power is in her Humility.

and the Christed one has infinite Power, Love, and Glory.

And though you know little of these things,

if this works for you you may Ask Christ or any Divine Prophet that is close to your Heart to

Make you strong,

give you the willingness to suffer,

keep you humble,

and then help you to keep the course.

All the way, until the inevitable

Kingdom of the Almighty Creator

where the Lion SHALL live with the LAMB

as we all ascend the Tree of Life



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