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Lightning Strikes Gently : On Love, Tesla and magic

Lightning Strikes Gently : On Love, Tesla and maic

Actually my life is one big magical adventure.

I have became so used to it, that I see it as nothing special, and as much this is a good thing for ego busting...

It can lead to a lack of gratitude.

I do not only dream of a new world and new earth, I KNOW, that despite the madness and transnforation we are experiencing right now :

It is inevitable.

We can debate on free will, forks in the road, alien interventions and all, but ultimately it does not mater:

What matters is LOVE,

or so I have just read in the book from Anya Petrovič on tesla metamorphosis.

It is funny, how Love can, and often does find its way through, even in the darkest of places.

The Balkan peninsula is still stainted with blood and the ravages of a previous war, even now, as a new geoplitical mashup is being created in the centre of Europe.

I wonder what Tesla would say.

I have always liked him, though I only know him from books and a colleague of mine spenth a few years researching him and channeling his wisdom.

It almost drove him crazy, (channeling lightining can be challenging)

and yet in the end there was Love.

And it is hard to speak of Love, when the receiver for it is broken.

But, to paraphrase a great poet and add some of my own words :

"It matters now how straight the gate, how filled with punishment the scroll I AM (is) the Master of my soul."

My heart is not an organ in my chest, my heart is the Gate of Love, (What ever that means) and the Truth is, that Magic, Love and Beauty are sisters.

And they will wait patiently, for the receiver to be fixed.

In me, in you in anyone who chooses.

Let's see what else is possible.

And Dear Nikola: good job, you came in early, but that is ok.

May your light, your love, your knowledge and wisdom inspire us all.

Try some of it out for free :

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