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Me and Zen

Me and Zen

I was clumsy, and I bowed awkwardly and I had no idea what I was doing there.

My mind was doing antics all the time and I was like a berserker maniac Viking who stumbled into the temple by mistake and stayed for he fun of it.

But I had respect for the Teacher and the Teaching, and everyone around me.

To the best of my ability.

And I stayed, because I though, maybe If I sit long enough, my life might be less chaotic and I might somehow find balance.

And I did, sometimes, more by mistake, when I was not trying.,

And it helped, a lot, looking back at it.

But only after I stopped chasing for enlightenment or this or that deep wisdom, and realised the simplicity of it all

Until I forgot again and went back to my old manic self.

Ground yourself in enlightenment, said my friend and sort of a teacher.

I still think he was being to kind,

I know nothing of enlightenment and it is more of a torture to sit still.

Unless I sit with my people.

Of any path and any conviction.

I am held be the Light of so many bodhisattvas, that I barely knew.

That must count for something

And I think it is worth being

Grateful for.

I give my homage to the dharma, the Buddha and my Sangha

And I bless them and hope they are doing well

Till I stumble upon them


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