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The Battle at hand

The Battle at hand

Cause sometimes you HAVE TO

pick up that drum

and play it..

Not because you want war

but because war

was brought to your door.

By people so lost in ignorance

some call them evil

for the oppose life.

And in that place,

you don't have a choice

and not acting,

is not compassion..

it is cowardice.

If you are able to,

you have to


what needs to be done.

Live with the consequences,

face the repercussions,

ask for forgiveness,

and live with it.

It is



And I am not here to teach on it,

but I know a man:

who is a man of God;

A true Sufi Master,

who has mastered Life

on so many levels.

And he did what was required of him.

When it was needed.

And it is those men

that can leads us

into the coming times.

And we better


to follow,

starting of course

with the battle

in our


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