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The well of Grief

The well of Grief

I am sad.

I am sad when I see new wars being started when the wounds of the old ones have barely started to heal.

And I am beyond depressed at the thought of millions of displaced people, who will be wandering the world, seeking for a place called home fort the next few decades.

All this for what?

To feed the ego of those who can barely lead themselves?

What can I do?

On a grand scale it seems not much.

But I can stop the war in my own mind, I can heal the wounds in my own heart, I can not add insult to injury by falling for the trap of warmongering that is going in on my brain every day.

I can become peace.

Or at least start walking in that direction.

Because If I don't. all of my forefathers died for nothing.

And I will NOT dishonour their memory, by ignorance, cowardice, or disrespect.


Including yours.

Brother or sister, I ask you :

Can we find a way to find a way to pace?

No matter what battles we have to fight every day.

If we can, this might just as well teach us

How to save

A life.

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